Apply for Housing

To apply for housing and be approved to the AHV waiting list, applications are assessed against the following eligibility criteria:

• confirmation of Aboriginality for at least one permanent household member;

• confirmation of identity for all household members;
- AHV requires proof of identity for all household members included on the application.

• Income;
- For the purposes of assessing income eligibility, applicants must provide income information for all household members receiving an income.

• Assets;
- AHV assesses the value of realisable assets for the entire household to determine eligibility for housing. If households have assets that would enable them to afford other forms of long term housing, e.g. renting in the private market for a ten year period, they are not eligible for AHV rental housing.

• ownership of real estate;
- An applicant or other household member who owns or has an interest in real estate of a value exceeding the asset limit, is generally ineligible for AHV rental housing.

• minimum age requirement for an applicant;
- Generally applicants for AHV rental housing must be 18 years and over. Applications from applicants 17 years of age and under may only be approved to the waiting list by the Director of Operations or delegate.

• Victorian residency;
- Applicants for housing are generally required to be current residents of Victoria. However AHV accepts applications from people living in other states who can provide a contact address in Victoria and who need to return to Victoria for family/kinship reunification, employment, medical, and/or education reasons, or to escape family violence.

• outstanding charges to AHV incurred during current or previous tenancies;
- Applicants and other household members who have outstanding charges may be approved to the waiting list. However all outstanding charges must be paid before AHV will enter into a Residential Tenancy Agreement with the applicant.

• during the previous 12 months, the applicant(s) and/or household member(s) were not evicted as a tenant of an AHV property for non-arrears tenancy breaches.
- AHV does not approve applications for housing for a period of twelve months from the date a previous tenancy was terminated.

If you wish to apply for AHV housing, please complete the Application for Housing Form below. If you prefer, this form can be sent to you by mail if you call the Client Services Team on 9403 2100.

Download the Application for Housing Form below

Please follow the prompts below to download the Application for Housing Form as a PDF. Please print the PDF, fill out and once complete post or drop the form off the form to your closest AHV office.
Or to request a transfer for housing, download the Property Transfer Interest Form.

Application for housing form

Download Application for Housing Form PDF

Please mail me the Application for Housing Form

Please complete the form below to have the Application for Housing Form sent to you by mail. Once you receive the form in the mail, complete and return by post or drop off to your closest AHV office.