Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework

Aboriginal communities, organisations and stakeholders have for many years been calling for stronger responses to the relatively poor housing outcomes that Aboriginal Victorians experience.

The community recognises that without safe and secure housing, investments in areas such as health, education, economic development, justice and family violence are unlikely to be effective.

The Victorian Government has funded Aboriginal Housing Victoria (AHV) to support work on the development of an overarching Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework. The Framework amongst other things seeks to improve housing outcomes for all Aboriginal Victorians across their life course, assist in building the capacity of Aboriginal organisations to own, manage and grow rental stock, and identify innovative models that secure housing for Aboriginal Victorians, including pathways to private ownership.

The Framework will be built on the strengths of the community and take a ‘rights based’ self-determination approach that places Aboriginal Victorians and their communities firmly at the centre of housing policy initiatives.

Progress to date:

A steering committee is overseeing the Framework’s development and work to date includes a literature review, data gathering and analysis, and community and stakeholder consultations.

The Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Summit is the next step in development of the Framework.


The Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Summit

The Summit aims to bring together key stakeholders to clarify issues and identify actions that will reduce homelessness and improve housing outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians.

Key participants in the Summit will include Victorian Aboriginal Peak Bodies and their representatives, Victorian Aboriginal Cooperatives, Aboriginal service agencies, government, industry and academic experts.

Thirteen workshops will be covered at the Summit over two sessions. The morning session will focus on the “building blocks” of the Aboriginal housing sector, while the afternoon session focuses on “life events” that impact on the housing experiences of many Aboriginal Victorians. Participants will choose a morning session and an afternoon session to contribute to.

Your views are important in helping shape the Framework.

You can find the structure and workshops of the Summit below.


Regular updates will be provided via this page.

Please call Meagan on (03) 9403 2159 if you wish to speak to us about the Framework.



Proposal to develop a Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework

Parity - Vol 31, No 5 - An Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework for Victoria

Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework Literature Review


The Summit - Documents and Background Papers

The Summit Program
Index of Papers
Key Data - Housing and Homelessness Victoria
The Summit's Place in The Framework
Background Paper 1
Background Paper 2
Background Paper 3

The Summit - Discussion Papers

Morning Sessions
Discussion Paper 1 - A Vision
Discussion Paper 2 - Capacity
Discussion Paper 3 - Private Ownership and Rental
Discussion Paper 4 - Building Supply
Discussion Paper 5 - Housing as a base for improved outcomes               
Discussion Paper 6 - Homelessness
 Afternoon Sessions
Discussion Paper 7 - Education and Training                 
Discussion Paper 8 - Elders
Discussion Paper 9 - Justice
Discussion Paper 10 - Family Violence
Discussion Paper 11 - Leaving Care
Discussion Paper 12 - Homelessness
Discussion Paper 13 - Disability