Aboriginal Housing and
Homelessness Summmit
18th and 19th of August 2022
Jasper Hotel
489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne



The first Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Summit held in 2019 led to the development of the first state wide framework for Aboriginal housing  developed by the Aboriginal community to be adopted as the policy of an Australian State Government. That policy, launched in the Victorian Parliament in February 2020, is Mana-na worn-tyeen maar-takoort (Every Aboriginal person has a home).

Following the launch of Mana-na worn-tyeen maar-takoort the Victorian Government made a significant commitment that 10% of new houses built under Victoria’s $5.3B Big Housing Build investment would be allocated to Aboriginal Victorians. The investment, while unprecedented, is insufficient to meet current demand let alone future demand generated by the fast rate of Aboriginal population growth. In addition, much more work is required to better target investment to improve housing and support responses for specific cohorts of Aboriginal people. The evidence identifies that the failure to provide appropriate housing is adversely impacting their lives which subsequently contributes to a lack of progress in improving other outcomes important to the Aboriginal community. 

Aboriginal Housing Victoria is preparing to build on initial progress in implementing Mana-na worn-tyeen maar-takoort by conducting Victoria’s second Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Summit in August 2022.  The focus of the second state wide summit will be to help shape a medium term plan over the next five years to build a strong foundation for delivering on the longer term goals of Mana-na worn-tyeen maar-takoort.

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