Aboriginal Housing Victoria

Our Vision

That all Aboriginal people in Victoria will be housed in safe, secure and affordable housing that meets their social, cultural and economical aspirations.



AHV empowers the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community not only by providing safe and affordable housing but also by increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational and economic strength of individuals and communities. Through empowerment, AHV is playing our part in closing the gap.

Access, Equity and Participation

AHV treats everyone as an individual and is always looking for ways to engage with and give back to the community through open discussion, forums and other community events. By providing safe and affordable housing to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community, AHV promotes access, equity and participation.


At AHV, we seek to represent ourselves in a respectful and culturally appropriate way, and to be represented throughout the state, so that all tenants have a voice and someone to direct their feedback and concerns to.

Collaboration and Co-operation

AHV co-operates and collaborates with all major stakeholders to provide a culturally appropriate service that is based on our tenants’ needs.

Information Dissemination for Empowerment

At AHV our aim is to become an integral force in supporting an informed and empowered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, reducing social and economic problems through information dissemination and education.

Respect for People and Their Individual Rights

AHV acknowledges and respects the personal and political histories of our community; histories which influence all of us. We seek to work with the community, not against it, and to respect each and every person’s specific circumstances and values whilst maintaining professionalism and privacy and always being culturally appropriate.

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