Aboriginal Housing Victoria

Our Vision

That Aboriginal Victorians secure appropriate, affordable housing as a pathway to better lives and stronger communities.


Aboriginal Housing Victoria’s VALUES are:

  • Respect and Support for Aboriginal identity and culture and for its tenants and stakeholders
  • Striving for excellence through its leadership in Aboriginal housing and best practice service delivery
  • Integrity, trust and honesty in all its business activities
  • Collaborative relationships with its community, tenants, government and stakeholders
  • Kindness, compassion, courtesy and dignity in our relationships with our clients, stakeholders and each other 

  Aboriginal Housing Victoria’s OBJECTIVES are that we will:

  •  Be independent and financially viable
  •  Provide efficient and effective housing services for Aboriginal people
  •  Manage our housing stock to ensure quality and affordability
  •  Leverage our housing assets to maximise housing opportunities for Aboriginal people
  •  Invest in a culturally and socially responsible manner
  •  Develop constructive and mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships within the housing and community sector
  •  Develop best practice community and tenancy engagement
  •  Advocate for, influence and deliver improvements in Aboriginal housing and other outcomes
  •  Maintain high standards of accountability, probity and transparency to tenants, clients, the Aboriginal community, 
     Government and the public.