I require emergency housing

AHV is a provider of long-term housing and does not offer emergency accommodation.

Community members sometimes call AHV seeking help with housing and homelessness issues. We don’t provide any crisis support or crisis housing. But, here are some useful numbers if you need to talk to someone about your housing situation.

Victoria has a state-wide homelessness assistance number. When you call it you are automatically directed to the nearest homelessness entry point (from where you are geographically when you make the call) the number is: 1800 825 955


If the community member would prefer to contact an ACCO, here are some options:

NGWALA – Homelessness team

93 Wellington Street, St Kilda Victoria, 3182

Ph: 9510 3233


VACCA – Wilam Program

40 Bell Street Preston VIC 3072

Ph: 9287 8800

VACSAL – Homelessness Outreach team

426 High Street, Northcote

Ph: 9416 4266