Aboriginal Rapid Housing Response Program

Last year the Victorian Government announced it was seeking to boost Aboriginal social housing through a building blitz that will deliver new homes as well as repairs, upgrades and maintenance work for existing properties.

AHV led a bid along with other Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs), and has secured significant funding towards this project, known as the Aboriginal Rapid Housing Response Program.

The project will be managed and delivered by AHV in collaboration with other ACCOs and Traditional Owners, with the aim to identify and upgrade aging properties.

Project benefits

When finished, the project will:

  • Improve the overall reliability of the assets installed in the homes identified in the bid.
  • Reduce any future interruptions to the homes earmarked for maintenance works required for aging infrastructure.
  • Improve tenant experience.
  • Where possible, reduce the carbon footprint, energy and water costs.

Message to tenants from the ARHRP Project Manager

Now more than ever, we need to collaboratively come together. In response to the pandemic, the project hopes to provide a boost to the economic stimulus in patilcur to regional Victoria.

This project and it’s work is an excellent example of collaboration between Government, Aboriginal Communities, tenants and stakeholders coming together together rapidly to support each other to adapt to changing circumstances.

Together we are able to share our experience, training resources, and materials to support the Community.

Community engagement is at the heart of AHV’s business and this project will endeavour to do our best and keep you informed throughout the project.

The successful delivery of the project relies on the recognition of the unique status of the Victorian Aboriginal Community, our stakeholders and tenants by respecting and celebrating cultural beliefs, values and practices. AHV respect the status of Victoria’s Traditional Owners and their continued roles as custodians of Victoria’s lands and waters.

AHV would like to thank you for your support and help provided during the survey inspection phase and construction of this project.

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to call AHV on 1800 248 842 or speak to your Housing Officer for any questions.