Aboriginal housing provider taps into connectivity with free-call number

Media release - 12 August 2020

Aboriginal Housing Victoria

Aboriginal Housing Victoria (AHV) the largest community housing provider in the country has launched a free call number 1800 248 842 (AHV VIC) for tenants in response to the challenges many face in making calls via prepaid mobile phones.

The 1800 number provides a free alternate to AHV’s current local number, where callers can seek tenancy, maintenance and other support, as well as make general enquiries to the organisation.

CEO Darren Smith said, “Mounting evidence and feedback from staff and tenants suggests that bill and credit stress can impact tenants’ abilities to reach services in timely manner. Especially now, with social distancing restrictions, staying connected and providing services over the phone has been more important than ever.”

The toll free number allows callers to call through and speak to an AHV team member without requiring pre-paid credit or worrying about ongoing call charges. The 1800 number simply redirects to our general business number (03) 9403 2100.

Promotional materials are to be distributed in the coming weeks to ensure tenants are aware of the toll-free alternative. DHHS have provided welcomed support to implement this change.

Aboriginal Housing Victoria is a not-for-profit registered Housing Association whose vision is that Aboriginal Victorians are able to secure appropriate, affordable housing as a pathway to better lives and stronger communities.

For media inquiries please contact Reece Marks I 0438 915 225 I reece.m@ahvic.org.au

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