AHV introduces new logo

Aboriginal Housing Victoria (AHV) is proud to represent over 4000 tenants and household members, each with their own unique stories, cultural ties and connections to Country.

We are also very privileged to operate on the lands of Aboriginal people, who have respected, cared for and had a deep connection to these lands for thousands of years.

These lands – as well as the seas, the rivers, the bush and the earth – form an integral part of the stories of Aboriginal people. AHV is committed to celebrating these stories.

AHV was established in 1981 by a Board of determined and dedicated Elders. We have now grown into the largest Aboriginal housing organisation in Australia, with over 1548 properties under our ownership and more than 60 staff members.

We are continuing to grow rapidly. Our drive for self-determination, a unique, clear and strong identity, as well as advocacy on issues that matter to our community, is coinciding with this growth.

We have produced a new Aboriginal-designed logo that reflects this evolution while also honouring the heritage from which AHV was born. It retains the Mia Mia and incorporates the state icon to highlight our area of operation.

The new logo also incorporates colours significant to Aboriginal Victorians representing:

i) the blues of our sea and rivers,
ii) the greens of the beautiful Victorian bush, and
iii) the ochres of the earth

It is hoped that the new logo will generate discussion around the rich history and culture of Aboriginal people in Victoria, and also be a source of pride for tenants of AHV and all who reside on these special lands.