Launching the Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Annual Report Card for 2022

The Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework (VAHHF) has officially launched. The Framework is crucial to delivering a culturally safe housing and homelessness system which addresses the challenges that Aboriginal people face in the housing system. It supports the implementation of Victoria’s $5.3 billion Big Housing Build 10 per cent net Aboriginal dwelling target, strengthens the housing sector for Victorian Aboriginal communities, provides strong governance and enhances the capacity for Aboriginal communities in the housing sector.

To deliver on the vision of Mana-na woorn-tyeen maar-takoort that Every Aboriginal Person has a Home, ongoing investment of the key programs within the Framework is essential. The last two years have taught us that unanticipated challenges will always arise but that collectively we must continue to focus on improving the housing safety net for Aboriginal people.

Read the report here.